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October 2013
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In this episode, Andrew Frank interviews us. Jeremy talk about the cons and cons of monkey ownership, Amy stammers about cults, and Andrew's mom calls to ask him if he wants chicken wings.

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This week's guest is the very hilarious Ben Johnson. He tells tales of filming a youtube video in a cemetary, difficulties parking his car, and whether or not the moon is going to untether from the Earth. It's a fun time. We also drank/discussed Canadian Mist.

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Holy crap! We are at our tenth episode! We interviewed Tina Shen, technically our first repeat guest (listen closely to the first episode). She has an amazing idea for a new Quentin Tarantino movie, as well as a job at a literay journal. We also talk about goofily optimistic guys that buy balloons every day, masturbating onto swastikas, our upcoming debate, Stryker Spurlock's jokes, Eunuchs vs Unix, snake blood, and much more! If Jeremy seems to be laughing too much, it's because this was recorded at the end of a long day and the beginning of a long weekend, and he was in a weird mood. 

Anyway, leave a comment on iTunes, if you want, and like us on Facebook.

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Scott James has a problem with the hill next to his house. He is also a very funny comedian. We talk about names, bad shows, finding time to work on comedy when you have a job and a family, and also a recent controversy in the STL comedians community. This is our longest episode, but it's a really good one. Be sure to leave a review on iTunes if you like the show.

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Amy and Jeremy interview the extremely talented Charlie Brumley (The Educated Guess, Chrono Man, other bands and projects) in the nursery of an old church. There is a lot of talk about music, bad puns, history, and of course weird China news stories. 

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After a week away, we're back with another thing that is a podcast. Ryan Ries joins us to talk about his family, his time in jail, and times when maybe he partied a little too hard. It's a funny hour full of great stories. Thanks to Brandon and Allen for the sound mixing and themesong.

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Episode 06 - Eric Christensen and Jake Sellers of STL Up Late

Eric Christensen and Jake Sellers of STL Up Late join us in Amy's kitchen to talk about their new awesome late night talk show/ sketch show. We also talk about Halloween and suicides gone wrong. Happy Halloween everybody! Go check out STL Up Late on November 2nd, or any of the next 6 Saturdays.

Like us on facebook and email us things at

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16 year old comedy prodigy Stryker Spurlock joins us in Jeremy's dining room to talk about the pedophile older women he chats with online, his could have been career as a child novelist, the fact that he only has 4 shirts, and more! This is seriously the funniest episode yet. I (Jeremy) laughed out loud while listening to it, and I was also laughing in the recording so it sounded like I was laughing in creepy stereo. 

Check out Stryker's showcase here.
Jeremy is doing this show on Halloween

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The very talented Frankie Chubb joins us. Charlie Winfrey, his ride/comedy partner/(insert lame joke about butt-sex here) somehow worms his way into also being a guest. This is easily the craziest episode yet. We talk about religion, Amy's weird redneck childhood, a wedding Frankie attended, Arizona Coors, and The Brooklyn Guys. Jeremy had a cold, so that is why he sounds so weird and keeps coughing.

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REDACTED stops by for an early afternoon chat about awkwardness, roommates, and other things. REDACTED and Amy both talk about their weird childhoods. Amy drinks a smoothie. Jeremy talks about breaking his nose and face. It's a good time all around.

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We talk with comedy urban legend Jon Venegoni about the secrets of his success, including pranks, lies, and bad Eastern European accents.  

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This is the first episode of Comedy vs Everything, featuring the always curmudgeonly and hilarious Kenney Kinds (@Steelyken).  We thought it went terribly, partly because of our idiotic seating arrangement but mostly because our guest kept insisting how bad it was. Turns out, it's pretty funny.  

Topics include: movies; old people falling off ladders.  

Shout out to @JMooreComic and @EricBrownSucks for submitting bad jokes for Guess the Punchline.

If you want to drink along, drink on: Us saying we are doing poorly. Mention of people you don't know. Ladder. Any other suggested rules for the drinking game? Tell @CvEpodcast

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