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Like a month ago, we talked to Brian Emuge. We talk about doing shows when you work nights, Uganda, pronunciation, public school, and a surreal show Jeremy and I did in Centralia.

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We visited Truman University in Kirksville, MO, and interviewed Dr. Jay Self, who taught the class "The Art and Science of Humor" which led to Jeremy's first stand-up set. Dr. Self is also faculty advisor for the Upchuckles, Truman's stand-up club. In this short episode, we talk about the challenges of beginning stand-up, the importance of a venue, and reasons people laugh.

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Sarah Bursich is a delightful, hilarious person who began doing comedy in rural Illinois, running her own shows and battling celebrity ghosts. She has a wall of goals and a head full of stories, some of which she shares with us here.

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Andrew Mihalevich of Bareknuckle Comedy and the new Instant Expert podcast asks "What is funny now?" with only mild desperation. We talk about in what way he wants to die, internet witch hunts, and how it is both easy and difficult to be a feminist because people are idiots.

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Ryan Dalton knows how to spot a scam and how to make a teacher cry with only the power of his dad's words. His experiences in Bareknuckle Comedy and co-hosting Nick's Open Mic do not qualify him to reform America's education system, though. Too bad. It's a mess.

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Milly Naeger read Candide to prepare for this podcast because Jeremy mentioned it the day before. She does stop motion and was in a French German singing group. She co-hosts No Straight White Guys. She comedies good.

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Nick Branson of the Drunk and Nerdy podcast has shifted from stand up to podcasting and other comedy mediums, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten the shows that were on when he started out or that roasts are fun. (Obviously. Why would he forget those things? That would be weird.) PLUS, we plot out a broad-appeal period drama that you will want to fund immediately.

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COMEDY VS EVERYTHING'S TRIUMPHANT RETURN! Shop Talk! Fictional Universe Rules! Post-Apocalypse Highway Clean Up! Racism Towards Robots!

Chris Cyr, co-host of Wild Card Comedy, joins us (again...stupid dead computer) for a beautiful, multi-topic clusterfuck of a conversation. There's something for everyone we care at all about appealing to. Welcome back, us.

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Chris Ward is 33 and joins us for episode 33, which means he's going to die according to some scroll, probably. We talk about how he isn't a comic, what he does instead (cat videos! social media! man-terning!), and his misguided attempts to be a counter-culture youth for the Lord.

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Nick Vatterott is not only one of the most successful comics we've had on the podcast but also one of the most congenial. We talk about bigot heaven, Lion's Choice, and what freedom of speech actually means.

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